Health & Safety

It is the policy of this Company to provide an accident-free and comfortable work environment by eliminating recognized hazards from the workplace. However, excellent safe and healthy conditions do not occur by chance. They are the result of diligent work and careful attention to all company policies by everyone. Safety demands cooperation on everyone’s part. In order to maintain the safety standards desired by our company, it is necessary to actively pursue an accident prevention program through all levels of our company, from management through all employees. Health and safety are functional responsibilities of each supervisor.

Health and safety are of vital interest to everyone in the company: each level of our organization is accountable for safe performance. Compliance with this program and safety and health rules is taken very seriously. This means that failure to comply is sufficient ground for disciplinary action or for termination of employment. These policies are an integral part of the company’s personnel policies. Thus, it is important that communication be kept open at all times between the management and employees. Workers who notice hazards or other safety problems, or feel that they need additional training, must notify their supervisor. Supervisors and management must address these concerns and take corrective action when warranted. Everyone is obligated to know the safety requirements and standards for their area or job, and just as important, to abide by them. Supervisors must instill a positive attitude and safety awareness in their workers through personal adherence, personal contact, training, and regularly scheduled safety meetings. It is the duty of all employees to perform their work with maximum regard for the safety of themselves and co-workers. Our safety policies are based on past experience and current standards, and are also an integral part of the company’s personnel policies. This means that compliance with the policies is a condition of employment and must be taken seriously. Failure to comply is sufficient grounds for disciplinary action or for termination of employment. Safety and health are every bit as important in this organization as productivity and quality. In fact, they go hand in hand. Of course the best reason for you to observe these policies is because it’s in your own self-interest to do so. Conscientiously following them can help you stay safe, healthy, and able to work, play, and enjoy life to its fullest.

We foster a Health and Safety culture across our sites and believe that it is the responsibility of everyone from Senior Management to our site Workers to try to eliminate accidents from our workplaces. All employees and sub-contractors are given appropriate and ongoing training to make sure they can carry out their work safely and all staffs are proactive in continually monitoring and reporting any new hazards so that accidents can be avoided.

Senior Management also make frequent visits to project sites to speak to workers about Health, Safety and Welfare requirements, ensuring that resources are available to implement the Health and Safety policy fully.

We use a risk-based approach in the planning and operation of our projects, seeking ways to eliminate accidents, injury and illnesses, reduce the use of energy and minimize material wastage to prevent pollution.

Sustainability and the Environment

We recognize the importance of the natural environment and the significance of the ecosystem’s sustainability.

We fully comply with all sustainability and environmental legislations and work pro-actively with all levels of government, regulatory agencies and our clients to facilitate sustainability and environmental requirements in the early stages of each of our projects.

We are dedicated to preventing pollution and minimizing the adverse impacts of our activities on the natural, built and cultural environment. We also reduce waste through minimization strategies and promote the efficient use of natural resources.

Quality Assurance

We at AL-JOOD AL-MALKI use the best practicable and high quality standard of operations. With low-cost and at the same time providing efficient customer satisfaction that meets and exceeds our customer demands. We believe on the principles of quality which is mainly tied up with our safety culture that should not be taken for granted or subsidized for lower end products and services. Our project execution plan consists of highly trained personnel, meeting our schedule timelines and guarantees our products and workmanship. Rest assured that every personnel assigned to our projects are highly trained, certified and qualified to carry on the most complex technical assignments with high safety awareness.